Russian ice hockey team award AK-47 rifle as man of the match prize

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From Sandro Vetsko
BBC Monitoring
An Russian ice hockey player has been awarded an prize because of his functionality – a AK-47 automatic gun.
A team in the second tier of Russian hockey, the head trainer Izhstal, told the team it was a fitting choice for a staff from Izhevsk.
The city is known for producing among the world’s most recognisable rifles.
«Lads, now we also are introducing a tradition,» head trainer Ramil Saifullin informed the squad, cocking the rifle.
«As we dwell in an arms manufacturing city, the city of the Kalashnikov, every game you will for yourselves title the ideal participant, and the previous [receiver ] can hand it to him,» he explained encouraging the captain to title the first receiver.
«Could we fire ?» Before committing it to the goalkeeper Savely Kononov, The captain joked.
«Congratulations on the win, but if we play badly we will be shot ,» Kononov said to more applause and laughter out of gamers.
«How do we take it to away games?» One asked.
«We shall figure it all out. We’ll take a wooden model,» the coach replied.
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